Archive for December, 2010


  • I went to school for last four months, and then I graduated, and then I had a failing nightmare.
  • I bought a DSLR, and then I took some pictures.
  • I went to Iceland for two weeks, and then I got a lifetime of memories and a need to come back.
  • I moved to Toronto full-time, and then I lived half a year without wired internet at home.
  • I meant to write about all of this, and then I didn’t.
  • A new Hot Chip album came out. Then a new Muchy album came out. Then a new Crystal Castles album came out. Then a new Broken Social Scene album came out. Then a new Underworld album came out. It’s been a good year.
  • I saw the xx and Hot Chip live. I saw Stars live again. And I saw Broken Social Scene live again.
  • To był dobry rok, bez rocznic i postanowień, bez wspomnień i rozczarowań.