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  • A calm, unremarkable year with some ups and some downs, slowly growing restless.
  • I got fibre-to-the-node DSL installed in early January, bringing an end to half a year of EDGE-only internet access at home. When the promotional price was about to run out in May, I instead got tetherable 3G, which got me through the rest of year. It’s workable, except I haven’t put in the effort to bridge my house router to this connection, and so I have two networks at home, one with my file server, one with the internet. Not a good setup.
  • Speaking of tetherable 3G, that’s Android, and I got reasonably-recent cellular technology in a 7″ Galaxy Tab to start off and then a Nexus One. I’m still not sure how I feel about the form-factor of the wide touchscreen candybar Nexus One, but the software is by most standards a huge upgrade over my BBOS 4.5 Pearl.
  • Music heavy year kicked off by bingeing on The Naked And Famous after discovering them in late April and seeing them three times within six months. Continued the Toronto music tradition by bingeing on The Rural Alberta Advantage and ohbijou starting in October, seeing each twice, and to a lesser degree Do Make Say Think, Owen Pallett, and Torq Campbell’s side projects. Paper Bag Records’ summer sampler brought me the single most-listened and probably catchiest song of the year, Johan Agebjörn’s Watch The World Go By. Further shows by Stars twice on back-to-back days, Godspeed You! Black Emperor, Mogwai, Junior Boys, and M83, among others.
  • Not a photography-heavy year, as I continue to fail at timely Flickr; not a travel-heavy year, although I did visit Montreal in February (cold), Ottawa during Canada Day (busy), and Manhattan in August (warm).
  • What if I’m only satisfied when I’m at home, sitting in a city that’ll never let me go?