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  • I moved to Vancouver in January and spent the year looking at mountains and not doing much else.
  • Before the move, I went to Montreal for three and a half days in January. It was not as cold as you’d think. After the move, I went to San Francisco for three and a half days in April, and caught the nice-week-in-April pretty well. Sunburn was obtained. I visited Portland, OR and Victoria, BC over weekends during the summer, and spent around six weeks total in Seattle in small bits, but didn’t have a major trip this time around.
  • I saw Sigur Rós live on consecutive nights in Seattle and Portland. I saw Stars live for the record fifth time, a number likely to grow again next year as they just keep on touring. I also saw Bruce Peninsula and Beach House in Vancouver.
  • My earphones finally broke after four years of abuse, underscoring a year of not listening to that much recorded music. Of newly released albums, I really only got into the new Stars and Crystal Castles albums. Other than new stuff, I listened to a lot of FM Belfast, Broken Social Scene and Stars as usual, The Rural Alberta Advantage, and múm. I surprised myself by not listening to the perfect rainy-day weather album — Emilíana Torrini’s Fisherman’s Woman — nearly as much as I would have expected.
  • We come from a place where we count the days until nothing.