No free publishing

Twitter is great. You can say anything you like, for free, and reach a huge audience. As long as Twitter likes it. Or Facebook, or Medium, or Snapchat.

In the past, you could have your books distributed by being copied by monks – as long as the church liked the book. Then the printing press came around and it turned out people had lots to say that the church didn’t like.

Or you could have gotten your message out for free by being interviewed on ad-supported TV or in a magazine. As long as the TV station, and ultimately the advertisers didn’t mind your message. People started photocopying zines and it turned out lots of people were into punk.

Not a fan of ad-supported TV? There was the free TV in authoritarian states. The government paid the bill, the government got the final say. Except in bibuła and samizdat.

Ultimately someone always pays for publishing, however little. When you’re the one paying, you control what is being published. When someone else pays, they control.

The goal should be not to make publishing free, but to make it cheaper.