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  • I continued looking at mountains in Vancouver. Did I mention the mountains?
  • I went north, kind of, flying in to Whitehorse for two bright nights in June. It was awesome and beautiful and disorienting.
  • I visited Portland and San Francisco again. Portland had a very warm Labour Day weekend and Voodoo doughnuts (from the second, east side, indier location, natch). San Francisco had a wonderful October and excellent brunches and a BART strike and hipsters were out in force in Dolores.
  • I spent a lot of time in Seattle, developing coffee shop preferences. Bauhaus, Victrola, Roy Street.
  • I got under one hour on the Grouse Grind — but just barely under, and couldn’t improve on it much.
  • The summer went by entirely too fast.
  • I went to a Canucks game and they lost, naturally.
  • I watched more live music (,, continuing the trend of not much music in 2010, lots in 2011, and not much in 2012. This is one thing I’ll want to change.
  • I saw Stars twice, for the sixth and seventh time, on the same day. I saw The xx touring their second album. I saw Sigur Rós at Deer Lake in Burnaby in May, and yes, it was raining. I watched a grown man dance in his underpants when I saw !!! at Fortune Sound Club. A few months later, I saw Ólafur Arnalds there: he got the audience to sit on the floor like in kindergarten and enchanted us all. I saw Arkells and You Say Party in Stanley Park. I saw Godspeed You! Black Emperor and nearly fell asleep at their concert twice in as many times. I saw CHVRCHES the next night, two weeks after discovering them. I saw Young Galaxy at a semi-homecoming show; saw The Naked and Famous and their light show at Showbox Sodo, the nearest thing to Polson Pier I’ve yet found. I waited until midnight for Braids to deal with “equipment problems” and really wished for non-floor seating at Fortune. I saw Brendan Canning and it felt a bit like I was the only one interested in actually listening to the music (t). Then I saw Basia Bulat among a Rio-Theatre-ful of hipsters and wrapped up the year with a Said the Whale hometown headline show. And I missed Field Trip and Osheaga but it was excellent nevertheless.
  • I didn’t listen to as much recorded music: my earphones gave up the ghost in 2012 and I couldn’t get myself to listen much on headphones. I’m a little scared I missed on associating music I was into with walking around Vancouver as I had with San Francisco and Toronto.
  • What I did listen to was mostly familiar: Broken Social Scene, Stars, FM Belfast, Do Make Say Think, and The Rural Alberta Advantage formed the top five on CHVRCHES’ Recover was the top scrobbled track. Of Vancouver groups, I only really got into Japandroids and Said the Whale.
  • Like 2011, 2013 really ended in late January. I flew out of Vancouver on January 30.
  • It is all for them.


  • I moved to Vancouver in January and spent the year looking at mountains and not doing much else.
  • Before the move, I went to Montreal for three and a half days in January. It was not as cold as you’d think. After the move, I went to San Francisco for three and a half days in April, and caught the nice-week-in-April pretty well. Sunburn was obtained. I visited Portland, OR and Victoria, BC over weekends during the summer, and spent around six weeks total in Seattle in small bits, but didn’t have a major trip this time around.
  • I saw Sigur Rós live on consecutive nights in Seattle and Portland. I saw Stars live for the record fifth time, a number likely to grow again next year as they just keep on touring. I also saw Bruce Peninsula and Beach House in Vancouver.
  • My earphones finally broke after four years of abuse, underscoring a year of not listening to that much recorded music. Of newly released albums, I really only got into the new Stars and Crystal Castles albums. Other than new stuff, I listened to a lot of FM Belfast, Broken Social Scene and Stars as usual, The Rural Alberta Advantage, and múm. I surprised myself by not listening to the perfect rainy-day weather album — Emilíana Torrini’s Fisherman’s Woman — nearly as much as I would have expected.
  • We come from a place where we count the days until nothing.


  • A calm, unremarkable year with some ups and some downs, slowly growing restless.
  • I got fibre-to-the-node DSL installed in early January, bringing an end to half a year of EDGE-only internet access at home. When the promotional price was about to run out in May, I instead got tetherable 3G, which got me through the rest of year. It’s workable, except I haven’t put in the effort to bridge my house router to this connection, and so I have two networks at home, one with my file server, one with the internet. Not a good setup.
  • Speaking of tetherable 3G, that’s Android, and I got reasonably-recent cellular technology in a 7″ Galaxy Tab to start off and then a Nexus One. I’m still not sure how I feel about the form-factor of the wide touchscreen candybar Nexus One, but the software is by most standards a huge upgrade over my BBOS 4.5 Pearl.
  • Music heavy year kicked off by bingeing on The Naked And Famous after discovering them in late April and seeing them three times within six months. Continued the Toronto music tradition by bingeing on The Rural Alberta Advantage and ohbijou starting in October, seeing each twice, and to a lesser degree Do Make Say Think, Owen Pallett, and Torq Campbell’s side projects. Paper Bag Records’ summer sampler brought me the single most-listened and probably catchiest song of the year, Johan Agebjörn’s Watch The World Go By. Further shows by Stars twice on back-to-back days, Godspeed You! Black Emperor, Mogwai, Junior Boys, and M83, among others.
  • Not a photography-heavy year, as I continue to fail at timely Flickr; not a travel-heavy year, although I did visit Montreal in February (cold), Ottawa during Canada Day (busy), and Manhattan in August (warm).
  • What if I’m only satisfied when I’m at home, sitting in a city that’ll never let me go?


  • I went to school for last four months, and then I graduated, and then I had a failing nightmare.
  • I bought a DSLR, and then I took some pictures.
  • I went to Iceland for two weeks, and then I got a lifetime of memories and a need to come back.
  • I moved to Toronto full-time, and then I lived half a year without wired internet at home.
  • I meant to write about all of this, and then I didn’t.
  • A new Hot Chip album came out. Then a new Muchy album came out. Then a new Crystal Castles album came out. Then a new Broken Social Scene album came out. Then a new Underworld album came out. It’s been a good year.
  • I saw the xx and Hot Chip live. I saw Stars live again. And I saw Broken Social Scene live again.
  • To był dobry rok, bez rocznic i postanowień, bez wspomnień i rozczarowań.


  • 3B, my best term by academic performance since first year, by a fair margin, not fully related to sudden spikes in intelligence or work ethic. Fun times with 4 midterms and 12 job interviews in four days just before the reading week. I finished with more job offers than midterms failed, so I consider it a success.
  • Last work term, went reasonably well.
  • 4A, went pretty okay in the end, though at some points it felt like more work and less results than 2B two years ago. Special thanks to ECE, as usual.
  • Two projects I wanted to do, Take the GRT one of them, pretty much fizzled out. Not too thrilled about that, but that was the year.
  • Fell in love with Toronto. Because every building is a shop and every person is a shopper.
  • Fell in like with Montreal. The visit was too short, I will be back.
  • Became significantly jaded with Waterloo. Not its fault, really, but on categories influenced by size it can’t compete, and those became important.
  • Wheels fell of the Flickr train, and I now have a 11-month backlog. The fact I insist on uploading chronologically except in special circumstances does not help.
  • Managed not to buy another camera(s), but it doesn’t look like I will last long into 2010.
  • Completed my conversion into an appalling hipster. Music spam: Year of Broken Social Scene in the first half, and Cocteau Twins in the second half. Unsurprising, really. Four great releases to start off: Junior Boys, Metric, Phoenix, and Röyksopp. A new múm album leaked just before summer started and it proved to be the perfect summer album.
  • Other notable new albums from Young Galaxy, Think About Life, Mew, The xx (just barely, listened in late December).
  • Saw live: Bloc Party, Hexes and Ohs, Goran Bregović, Bell Orchestre, Broken Social Scene (@ Harbourfront, yes), M83, Think About Life, Young Galaxy, múm, Junior Boys.
  • You don’t have a clue.
  • Love and mathematics.